Lorry Doll and the Wild Ones 1987 - Jimi Blitz, Gary Arnold, Donald Moto and Jeff Rey
Wild Ones - Live, loud and lewd on Long Island
Long-time Wild Ones bassist Dave Clark
In 1986, the Wild Ones had returned with a fast and furious vengeance, getting back to their hard rock roots and adding bassist/guitarist Gary Arnold and keyboards/ bassist Jimi Blitz who joined long-time drummer Donald Moto. A four song EP quickly followed in early 1987 before "artistic differences" again forced a break-up later that year. This ultimately led to the metal-edged outfit billed as Lorry Doll 'n' the Wild Ones.
The later Wild Ones added elements that reflected the late 80's - keyboards, complex rhythms and phrasing - yet retained that hard-edged, punk-bred attitude that was always the heart & soul of their music
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