Tracks '77 - John Lewis, Lorry Doll, Jeff Rey, John Shriver
Photo - Fred Taylor
John, Pat, Jeff and Lorry looking (but not sounding) very Beatlesque - Tracks '78
Photos - Bill Pitcher
Paul "Kidd" Kross - Tracks bassist 1976-77
Photo - Frank Gerace
Tracks' final drummer - Bryan Brat
Photo - Lorry Doll
"(the) 'Excorcist' demon ... backed by a churning rock 'n roll band."
James Isaacs -The Boston Phoenix, 1977
"The undiscovered gem of this lot ... both sides are punk 'n' roll genius."
Hyped 2 Death (website), 2002
Tracks was initially under the management of macabre Boston legend, mortician and musician Richard Nolan who for a first gig secured them a lucrative Saturday night at the Rat . The results were disastrous, but decidedly punk. When Lorry and Jeff were forcibly ejected by club owner Jim Harold and a bevy of his beefy bouncers, both manager and rhythm section decided to seek saner musicians to associate with. Nolan, of course, fronted his own band Third Rail and had his fledgling proteges, the then barely pubescent Neighborhoods. As for Tracks, John Lewis, drums and Paul “Kidd” Kross on bass quickly followed. John Shriver formerly of the Bonjour Aviators took over when Paul departed, and when Wild Johnny (finally) self-destructed, old friend Pat O’Neill added a steadier backbeat. When Pat was touring with Aerosmith in 1978, young lion Bryan Brat took over. A few notable people also filled in now and then, but for the most part they were all one-offs.

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