1978 SHOWS
February 5, 1978 – The Club – John Shriver Benefit w/Tracks, the Molls the Neighborhoods, the Count and Astral Projection, the Bimbos, Baby’s Arm, Bonjour Aviators and LaPeste
Our bass player gets his gear ripped off at a strip club (the Bird Cage) playing with another band and we get to lug our own gear to his benefit.

February 6, 1978 – Blizzard of ‘78
Lorry Doll and I get some quality time alone when we're snowed in and realize we’ve got to get the hell out of New England. See Blizzard of ‘78.

February 17-18 - Cantone's – Tracks and La Peste

February 25, 1978 – Tracks Auto Wreck
Returning from La Peste’s record release party, our car is totaled by a speeding drunk teen running a red light. Lorry Doll is knocked out of action for an extended time. See Saturday Night Auto Wreck (Puts the Brakes on Tracks).

May (?), 1978 – CBGB (NYC) - Tracks
Our first gig back from the auto wreck and first show with new drummer Pat O'Neill. See Got Dem Ole CBGBs.

June 27, 1978 – Rock Bottom (NYC) – Tracks

July 30, 1978 - Rock Botton (NYC) - Tracks

August 1, 1978 - The Club - Tracks and the Phantoms

August 2, 1978 - The Club- 2nd Annual Lorry Doll Birthday Bash – w/Tracks, Little Frankie & the Boulevards and Zoo Types
For more on the party and pix see A Tale of Two Cities.

August 8-9, 1978 - The Rat –Tracks and the Neighborhoods

September 2-3, 1978 - The Rat – Tracks with ATV on Sat., La Peste on Sun.
This one is strange. First off, England’s ATV postponed for a week then cancelled all together. The joint flyers we made up for this show and the Max’s Kansas City show later that week show days and dates that would make them 1977 gigs, but I have to assume we got the days right but the dates wrong. First off, I know ATV cancelled because one of their members had to be at the London inquest into Keith Moon’s death on September 7, 1978. Because of that cancellation, Jim Harold gave us the gig with the Police the following month. Secondly, I know the band we played with at Max’s was definitely the 1978 version of Tracks. But as for this Rat gig, we may have been bumped to the following week, we may not have played at all.

September 5, 1978 – Max’s Kansas City (NYC) – Tracks w/Super Jam of NY’s Best Bands
Our first show at the legendary venue. It was a great place to hang out, but the sound on stage was always dreadful.

September 7, 1978 - Intermedia Studio - Tracks Recording
Tracks goes into the studio and records two songs for their second single and planned first album. See Aerosmith Lays Out Some Tracks.

Septermber 27, 1978 - The Rat – Tracks and Unnatural Axe

October 28, 1978 - The Rat - Tracks and the Police

For details and to read how we got the gig with the Almighty Sting on a Saturday night at the Rat see Police Story.

October (?), 1978 - The Rat - Tracks and the Buster
I have no recollection of this gig or the band we played with. The Boston Groupie News has it listed simply as a Monday night at the Rat with no date. Since they have it among other October shows that’s where I’m placing it also.

November 7, 1978 – The Rat - Tracks with the Rentals and the Destroyers

November 30 – December 1, 1978 – The Rat – Tracks and Unnatural Axe
Tracks last gigs at the Rat.

December 24, 1978 – Blue Door Studio Christmas Eve Party - Tracks
Tracks plays a short pre-party set. At midnight, Lorry announces she and I are moving to NYC in the morning. See Tracks Days are Numbered.

December 31, 1978 – The Palladium (NYC) - David Johanson Group
On the second night at our apartment on the Lower East Side, we kick it off by seeing the former New York Dolls’ frontman and raise a toast to the New Year and our new life in New York.

More 1978 dates to be added


January 20, 1979 (Sat) – Arlington (MA) High School – Tracks
Tracks final show. See Punk ‘n Roll High School.
Besides Tracks gigs, other shows and dates are listed that were notably significant either to Tracks or to the Boston music scene of that era. This list is not complete. Info is still being tracked down on some shows in addition to these. So it is still a work in progress. Take a look at the footnotes and links for more information on the events.

1979 Time Line: It’s the year of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident and the Shah is kicked out of Iran. All That Jazz would win the Oscar for Best Picture of 1979, but the most intense flick of the year is Apocalypse Now. On TV Hart to Hart and Benson debut and you can catch new episodes of Dukes of Hazard and Dallas.

Some chart topping singles were “What A Fool Believes” (Doobie Brothers), “I Will Survive” (Gloria Gaynor) and “Bad Girls" (Donna Summer), but new wave was all over the radio with Blondie, the Cars, the Police and other groups. The Grammy Award winner for 1979 Album of the Year is Billy Joel’s
52nd Street. Grammy’s Best New Artist: Ricki Lee Jones. Real rock ‘n roll is still hard to find and punk becomes more ‘underground’ then ever – except in the fashion industry.
1978 Time Line: Bucky Dent hits the home run. The Deer Hunter wins the Oscar for Best Picture of 1978, Gary Busey gets a nomination for The Buddy Holly Story. On TV Battlestar Galactica and Taxi debut and you can still catch new episodes of All in the Family and Welcome Back, Kotter.

Some chart topping singles are “Shadow Dancing” (Andy Gibb), “Stayin’ Alive” (Bee Gees) and “Hot Child in the City” (Nick Gilder). The Grammy Award winner for 1978 Album of the Year is
Saturday Night Fever featuring the Bee Gees, Tavares, K.C. and the Sunshine Band and others. Grammy’s Best New Artist: A Taste of Honey. Rock ‘n roll is hard to find and punk is still a dirty word but New Wave is not.