1977 SHOWS
January 30, 1977 – The Rat – The Ramones
The night Lorry talked Jim Harold into letting us back into the Rat. See Night of the Rat for details.

February 10-12, 1977 – Dummy's – Tracks and DMZ (last 2 nights)
Dummy's was the site of the former Boston Club and soon to be re-named the Paradise. Tracks was one of the first bands to open it up to the new music scene. The sign outside read “Tracks featuring Lorry Doll” which didn’t thrill the other guys in the band too much. We were opposite the popular Wille Loco and New York bands the Dead Boys and Suicide at the Rat that weekend and there just wasn’t enough audience to go around in those days so we drew a paltry crowd at the new venue.

March 9-10, 1977 – The Club – Tracks and DMZ
I remember it as one of Tracks best shows up to that point. See Call the Cops for details of our after show party.

March 16, 1977 – Harvard Square Theater – Iggy Pop with Blondie
Iggy Pop was subdued as a watchful and silent David Bowie played piano behind him. Blondie looked a bit lost on such a big stage. Every face from the Boston new music scene was there and lots more. The night we first realized that punk and new wave were starting to interest people beyond the core club scene. Our debt to Iggy? We found 500 feet of audio wire in the balcony and in the punk spirit took it back to Blue Door to cut up for our make-shift P.A., with plenty left over for guitar cords.

March 21-22, 1977 – The Rat – Tracks with The Molls (on the 22nd)
Rick Ocasek was at our show the second night. The Cars and New York’s the Shirts came into the Rat right after us (the 23rd through the 26th). Meanwhile, many of the Rat bands were in New York at CBGB for the Live at the Rat Record Release.

April 15, 1977 - Frolics (Salisbury Beach) – The Ramones and DMZ
An unlikely venue hosted the last time Lorry and I would ever see the Ramones in a club. Much as we liked that band, we thought they had lost a bit of their edge and felt DMZ put on the more dynamic show that night.

April 26-27, 1977 - The Rat –– Tracks and Sea King
Sal Baglio’s Sea King later became the Stompers. These dates may actually be April 12 & 13, or even April 5 & 6. It was at an earlier show also with Sea King (this time at the Club) when we met the Boston Strangler.

May 3-4, 1977 – The Rat – Tracks

May 6-7, 1977 – The Club - Tracks and the Atlantics
We recorded the second show on Saturday night and cut our first single from it. See Putting the Brakes On.

May 15, 1977 - The Rat - Tracks and the Infliktors
The night one of the Infliktors brought a Mystery Rock Star back stage to check out my guitar.

May 17-19 - The Club – Tracks and the Real Kids
Self-billed as a “Punk Rock X-Travagonzo.” All kindsa girls indeed.

June 1, 1977 – The Rat – Tracks and the Ketims

June (?), 1977 – The Rat – Benefit for Frenzy Magazine w/ Tracks, Ready Teddy, Baby’s Arm, the Atlantics La Peste and Special Guest Performers
I recall we only did three or four songs at this show to raise printing costs for Bob Colby’s seldom published (but still great) fanzine.

June (?), 1977 – Holiday Inn Prom – Tracks
Tracks plays a prom at a suburban motel. Peter Vallis plays keys with us for this gig. Wild Johnny set this show up and it was as bizarre as we expected it to be. It must be terribly weird (or very cool) having the memory of a sloppy punk band playing your 1977 prom night.

July (?), 1977 – Private Birthday Party – Tracks
Tracks play the 12th Birthday Pool Party for the son of Lorry Doll’s French employer. A real blast. See Have Merci, Have Merci, BB.

August 2, 1977 – The Club – 1st Annual Lorry Doll Birthday Bash w/Tracks
First of the Birthday parties Lorry threw during our band years in Boston and New York. There were numerous jams with musicians from several Boston bands.

September 11, 1977 – The Rat – Marc Thor Benefit with Tracks, Reddy Teddy, Nervous Eaters, Willie Loco, the Atlantics, La Peste, the Destroyed, Real Kids, DMZ, the Count

September 22, 1977 – Cantone’s – Tracks
Perhaps this was our first gig at this small business-lunch-by-day/punk-rock-club-by-night venue which had just opened in the Spring of ‘77.

October 12, 1977 – The Rat – Tracks and Wimpy

Most likely our first show with John Shriver who replaced Kidd Kross on bass. The Boston Groupie News lists us as playing with Sea King (the Stompers) on this date, but Screeg Neegis recorded this show and relates that the band was Wimpy and they were "terrified" of Lorry.

October 19-20, 1977 – The Rat – Tracks

October 21-22, 1977 – The Bird Cage – Tracks
Tracks was perhaps the first punk band to play this strip joint/biker bar. Other Rat bands were foolish enough to follow our lead. Without a doubt, our most depressing shows ever. There were lots of busty broads, barroom brawls, and tragically even a murder. See Bass Players, Bikers and Bad Attitudes.

November 6, 1977 - The Rat - Tracks and The Johnny Barnes Group
Recorded by Dave Hard Corps with the help of Stinky Donahue (sound), Screeg Neegis (monitors) and the crew of one - Mark Frisoli.

November 23, 1977 - Cantone's – Tracks and the Real Kids
The day before Thanksgiving – “Gobble, Gobble, Hey!”

Boston Groupie News also has the following gigs listed for late in the year (dates unknown):
The Rat (Wed)
Tracks and La Peste
The Rat (Thurs)
Nervous Eaters and Tracks
(Still checking to verify)

December 31, 1977 – Cantone’s- the Real Kids, DMZ and Tracks
Although the Boston Groupie News (and the newspapers of the time) have this New Year's Eve show llisted, it never happened. The Real Kids (Cantone's de facto house band at the time) had Tracks booted from the bill. See The Red Sox, the Radio & Irrational Behavior.

More 1977 dates to be added
Besides Tracks gigs,other shows and dates are listed that were notably significant either to Tracks or to the Boston music scene of that era. This list is not complete. Info is still being tracked down on some shows in addition to these. So it is still a work in progress. Take a look at the footnotes and links for more information on the events.

1977 Notes: By the end of the year, not only did Tracks release a single, but so did several other Boston bands and, of course, it was the year of Live At The Rat. A huge buzz is going on around new wavers the Cars and record companies are starting to put their A&R guys on Eastern Airlines’ New York to Boston shuttle. And the Boston punk scene even gets a dubious write-up in Time magazine. The U.K., inspired by gritty NYC groups that toured England like the Ramones and Johnny Thunders’ Heartbreakers, launches its own version of punk with the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Damned and others. The Brits are thereafter wrongly, but widely perceived as the instigators and true face of Punk.
1978 Shows
1977 Time Line: Gerald Ford tosses Jimmy Carter the White House keys. Annie Hall wins the Oscar for Best Picture of 1977, but Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Saturday Night Fever are the hot flicks. On TV The Love Boat and CHiPS debut and you can tune in to new episodes of the ever-popular Happy Days and Three’s Company.

Some chart topping singles are “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” (Leo Sayer), “Rich Girl” (Hall & Oates) and “Hotel California” (the Eagles). The Grammy Award winner for Album of the Year is Fleetwood Mac’s
Rumours. Grammy’s Best New Artist: Debby Boone. Rock ‘n roll is hard to find and punk is still a dirty word, yet despite all the mainstream schlock, if Punk Rock ever had a banner year, it is 1977.