1976 SHOWS
Illustration by Lorry Doll

July 13, 1974 - New York Dolls In Thigh High Boogie at the Boston Armory
I had previously seen the Dolls play three straight (well, sort of) nights for college jocks at K-K-K-Katy's, but this was an event and it was attended by a ton of very interesting people - we knew a handful of them, but Lorry and I had no idea there were that many cool people in Boston. We started getting more serious about writing our own trash and burn songs.

June 11-12, 1975 - The Rolling Stones at Boston Garden

No we didn’t play with the Stones, but we did manage to get into their inner circle for one brief and very wild ride that was a further inspiration for Lorry and me to start our own debauched and notorious rock ‘n roll band. See The Kids, the Cadillac and the Rolling Stones for details and pics.

January 10, 1976 – The Patti Smith Group at the Jazz Workshop
I thought it was a pretty cool show. Lorry liked some of the rockier music, but thought Patti talked way too much between songs. There weren’t many female role models at that point and I believe this show was just the spark Lorry needed to seriously consider getting up on a stage with her own songs. Incidentally, JJ Rassler tells the story that he first met Peter Greenburg at Smith’s show the following night … which eventually gave rise to DMZ. See Boston, in the Beginning for more of what we were doing during that time.

May 20 to May 22, 1976 – The Ramones at the Club
Lorry and I were knocked off our feet by these three intense nights. It was the final push over the edge and we placed an ad in the Boston Phoenix for a punk rock rhythm section the day after the last show. See Inspiration and a Start for details. There are several bootlegs out there of a Ramones show supposedly taped at the Club on May 12, 1976. It’s wrong - they’ve transposed the date and no one’s ever changed it. We recorded a couple of these sets ourselves. It sounds absolutely awful and is just great.

May 21, 1976 – Paul McCartney and Wings at Boston Garden
I think McCartney probably put on a decent concert, but Lorry and I had seen the Ramones for the first time the night before and now the former Beatle’s music sounded tired and painfully slow. Mainstream, commercial pop music would never, ever sound the same to us again. We endured it for as long as we could, then bolted early and got to the Club in Cambridge just before the Ramones came on.

July 3, 1976 – Blondie at the Club
Our introduction to New Wave. Debbie Harry was aloof and smoothly comfortable being a sex symbol. The band didn’t really rock but they reeked of New York City cool.

August 28, 1976 – The Rat - Premier of Tracks with Sass
Tracks first show was heavily hyped – it was to a packed Saturday night house and it was a MAJOR disaster. See Electric Baptism for the sordid details.

September 27-29 - Live at the Rat Recording Sessions
Lorry Doll's antics at our Rat premier kind of made Track's participation a mute point.

November 28-29, 1976 – The Club – Tracks
Banned from the Rat and armed with a new rhythm section of Kidd Kross and Wild Johnny, Tracks was just happy to be playing at the only other venue in town open to punk rock.

More 1976 dates to be added

1976 Notes: It was also the year that Boston (a band that never played a club in the city they took their name from) released their self-titled debut to critical praise, further distorting the perception of Boston’s rising new music scene. In 1976, at the height of Disco and Schlock Rock, this new club scene was comprised of only a handful or so widely diverse groups – their only common thread seeming to be their willingness and ability to throw all previous conceptions of bands and music out the window.
1977 Shows
Illustration by Jeff Rey
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1976 (and prior)
Besides Tracks gigs, other shows and dates are listed that were notably significant either to Tracks or to the Boston music scene of that era. This list is not complete. Info is still being tracked down on some shows in addition to these. So it is still a work in progress. Take a look at the footnotes and links for more information on the events.
1976 Time Line: It was the year of the Bicentennial Celebration (Queen Elizabeth gave us the regal wave as she rode through the historic North End). Rocky was the hot flick and eventual Oscar Winner. On TV Charlie’s Angels and Most Wanted (with Robert Stack) debuted and you could tune in to the ever-popular Gong Show and M*A*S*H.

Chart topping singles were “Silly Love Songs” (Paul McCartney & Wings), “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (Elton John & Kiki Dee) and “You Should Be Dancing” (Bee Gees). The Grammy Award winner for Album of the Year was Stevie Wonder’s
Songs in the Key of Life. Grammy's Best New Artist: Starland Vocal Band. Rock ‘n roll was hard to find and punk was a dirty word, but by the end of the year New York bands the Ramones and Blondie had released their debuts and albums were due from the Dead Boys, Talking Heads and Television - and we were starting to hear about stirrings in England.