I first saw Pseudo Carol in the summer that I moved to Boston. She was hanging out in Harvard Square where she stuck out dramatically from the hippies and folkies. She was dressed entirely in black and had a crewcut with iron crosses shaved into it. Now this wouldn’t have seemed so extreme ten or even fifteen years ago, but in 1970 the summer of love was still fondly remembered. This was when most hip ladies had long, ironed hair down to their butts and wore either colorful granny dresses or day-glo halter tops with tie-died jeans. She made an impression that went beyond a simple fashion statement. Later I would see her at the Art Institute when Lorry and I were there, but we really didn’t get to know her until she joined up with Jeff and Jane Hudson in the Rentals (first as a pseudo drummer, than as pseudo guitarist). She moved to New York shortly after we did in 1979 when Jeff and Jane had gotten a SoHo loft and were commuting back and forth between the two cities. After the Rentals had opened for the Clash during their first American tour, they put out a Beggars Banquet/Warners single produced by Oedipus (see photo below). When Carol struck out on her own, we served as her back up band for a gig at Max’s Kansas City and she was our guest vocalist for a couple Wild Ones shows. She and her boyfriend Jonathan shared a huge raw loft in Hell’s Kitchen (before it was sanitized) that was a virtual museum of bizarre cultural kitsch. We had some great times with those two: LSD BBQs, all night jamming and recording followed by pre-dawn jaunts through China Town and a million or so other things I will never fully remember, nor really want to. Carol also worked at a day job with Lorry for a year or two. At the time of the photo above (taken in 1984 by Lorry via remote control), Carol had bulked up and become something of a fitness fanatic and an amateur body builder. We went to one of the competitions she was involved in. All oiled muscles and flexing and stretching, it was quite the sideshow. Last time we saw Pseudo Carol was in the late eighties, I guess. She had become an Art Director for an ad agency and was about to become engaged to some yuppie. I though it perhaps her strangest persona of all.

- Jeff Rey
Pseudo Carol “I Got A Crush on You” – although the eggs sunny side up top was cute, I was always partial to the baby doll heads she sometimes wore on stage.
Lorry Doll providing nourishment to Pseudo Carol
Pseudo Carol
Tracks..the Wild Ones