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NEW Lorry Doll and Tracks Web Pages (click on highlighted items to go there) …  Alan Lewis’ New England Music Scrapbook has a great looking Lorry Doll page as well as many, many more pages that cover highly researched articles on a very broad spectrum of New England music-related themes … meanwhile Chuck White continues to cover Tracks’ contemporaries at Dirty Water – The Boston Rock & Roll Museum along with in depth articles on Boston’s rich musical heritage … Chuck is also actively involved in expanding the scope of with the possibility of a physical museum … see his News Pages for details of events and ways to participate … Then there’s Joe Harvard’s Boston Rock Storybook … an insider’s look at the sights, sounds, events and people on the Boston rock scene … Joe lived through (survived) much of what he writes about so there’s a real personal feel to it … All three of these sites have been used extensively for research by (and also linked in several places throughout our History pages) and provide a wealth of information as well as entertainment … but beware, once you get into these pages, you may find it very difficult to leave.

My radio’s on … and I want it LOUD … Back in 1977 Tracks’ “Brakes On You” premiered on the Oedipus show on MIT radio at 88.1 FM (then WTBS), so it was appropriate that the 25th anniversary CD Brakes On You! had its first public play broadcast from the same place … its call letters have changed to WMBR, but Tim Kelly was the first DJ to spin the latest Tracks offering on the Late Risers Club … DJ Jonathan M. Gladstone has also been playing cuts from Lorry Doll’s later band the Doll-Reys when he hosts the same show… Other Boston area radio stations airing the 5 cuts from the new CD are WMFO at 91.5 FM (Coffee & Smokes with Alex), WHRB at 95.3 FM (Our Little Rendez-vous with Dinos), Allston-Brighton Free Radio at 1670 AM (Al Quint’s Sonic Overload) … You can also hear Tracks on WDOA (Internet Radio) on Life in the Foodchain with Mike Malone, WERS (88.9 FM), WCUW (91.3 FM) and WZBC (90.3 FM) … A lot of these stations also have internet broadcasts so you can pick ‘em up wherever you are … see the Links page for more details … We’ll have the rundown on New York City and other radio stations with the next update… For info on Tracks 25th Anniversary CD (GO HERE).

Update January 3, 2003:
All the best to you in the New Year…updates for January 3rd, 2003 include Chapter 12 of the History section, entitled Saturday Night Auto Wreck which, among other things, chronicles the severe car crash that knocked Lorry Doll and Tracks out of commission for an extended time in 1978… a new Side Story recalling the Boston Blizzard of ’78 and how we survived it… also a few minor changes and corrections here and there … the (hopefully) subtle and on-going overall transition of continues… the Photo of the Month feature is no more…in its place, photos of interest will be posted each month on this News and Updates page with some of the past Photo of the Month features being distributed throughout this website in other guises.

Tracks 25th Anniversary 5-song EP commemorating the release of “Brakes On You” is now available in a very limited edition CD-R… the Collectors Edition of the blue door/2-Tough release is packaged with an original copy of the single….see Details…Tim Kelly (WMBR's Late Risers Club) listed "Brakes On You !" Anniversary CD on his weekly Top 10 List for Boston Groupie News on 12/18/02...Hyped2Death #12 (featuring Tracks' "Bombs Away") makes the Top 35 List for WMBR (88.1FM) week ending 12/28/02.

Some very exciting features, events and news are coming on a continuous basis – so stay tuned...If you enjoy this website, and the music it covers, be sure to check out the sites listed on the
Links Page for more great sources of info and entertainment …

Tracks missed the opportunity to play with
the Clash in those early days, but Lorry Doll and I did get to see their nearly disastrous show at Bonds in New York City…I don’t have to tell you what an innovative or influential band they were…R.I.P Joe Strummer.

- Jeff Rey
Update February 3, 2003:
Hey lovers … updates for February 3, 2003 include Chapter 13 of the History section entitled
Wild Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye that recounts the departure of Tracks’ bad boy … a new Rat Moment Side Story called Time Ain’t On My Side that tells of Lorry Doll’s encounter with a reporter from Time magazine … a new page of celebs with Lorry pix in Lorry And ... There’s also a bunch of new links on the Links page and a few minor changes/corrections here and there ... so check it out ...

More News:
Update March 3, 2003:
Top ‘O the Morning to ya … lots of updates for March 3, 2003 (click on highlighted items to go there) … first up, a History chapter titled Bomping to the Beat of a Different Drummer telling, in part, of Tracks relationship with Bomp Records … a new side story of a Tracks road trip to New York in Got Dem Ole CBGBs … A couple new pix of celebs in Lorry And … In the NEON section there’s a page of great concert shots taken by Lorry Doll (including Keith Richards, David Bowie and Billy Idol) called Caught In Action and also a listing of some of the NEON Interviews she did … The Gallery section has a new batch of eye candy artwork … and check out the Links page for even more great websites to explore … Since you had to pass through there to get here, you’ve already seen the new Home and Contents pages.

More News:
Pat O'Neill joins Tracks in the Irish Spring of '78
My radio’s on … and I want it LOUD! … One of the coolest radio shows in NYC is Terre T’s Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU (91.1 FM). Not only does she play some very hot records (like Tracks’ Brakes On You!) but she has frequent live guests and seems to know everything that’s going on in the New York groove … residing at the same station is Joe Belock’s Three Chord Monte mixing a broad spectrum of great music … Over at WNYU (89.1 FM) Rob Hatch-Miller produces and is one of the hosts of The New Afternoon Show that features some of the best “unknown” music around. Back in the day, WNYU was one of the first New York stations to pick up on Tracks, then on Lorry Doll’s other bands the Wild Ones and the Doll-Reys with Lorry eventually hosting WNYU night when it was at the old Tramps … Out on Staten Island WSAI (88.9 FM) has two punk ‘n roll shows – one hosted by Lacey Axelrod, the other by Maggie Mae – both are great … A lot of these stations also have internet (and/or archived) broadcasts so you can pick ‘em up wherever and whenever you are in the mood… see the Links page for more details … For info on Tracks 25th Anniversary CD (GO HERE).
Tracks at Blue Door Studio in the Spring of '77
Update April 8, 2003:
With apologies to the poet, April is the
coolest month … that’s ‘cause it marks the premier of the web edition of NEON magazine … Lorry and I started NEON as a band fanzine in 1977 and over the years it evolved into a slick tabloid covering the entire music industry and eventually it became NEON TV on the Manhattan Cable Network … All our adventures with NEON served as kind of a recorded journal of the life Lorry and I were living … In the late 90s we were planning to launch an internet version; worked up some layouts and designs, but other creative interests were taking up the majority of our time ... and then we ran out of time, so it never happened … Anyway, I’m real excited that it has finally come to be … The first issue has a load of stuff from the NEON archives – concert photos, interviews with the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones, the Dictators’ Dick Manitoba and the sorely missed Joey Ramone … there’s also screen shots from the TV show and news and pix from the current NYC club scene and more … Future issues will continue to feature items from the NEON vaults and contemporary coverage of the music scene in New York, with an emphasis on upcoming new bands of note … GO HERE to check out the first web issue of NEON.

Jeff Rey & Lorry Doll
Hard at work "researching" a NEON article - circa 1987
THANKS ARE DUE … Heard from a couple old friends over the past month that helped jog my memory on a bunch of events from our Tracks days in Boston. Lorry and I knew Frank Gerace before Tracks got started and he was always around in those days. He’s responsible for a lot of the Tracks photos you see on this site, including the Lorry Doll shot that opens this website and graces the cover of the Brakes On You! 25th Anniversary CD. He also helped us on some Tracks recordings and played a blistering version of “Brakes On You” when Lorry and I returned to Boston for a Rat gig in the mid-80s. Over and above all that, he was and remains a great friend. Back in the 70s Frank’s excellent guitar playing was heard with the progressive outfits Where’s Carl? and the Zoo Types. Frank and his mate Cheryl Wanner are the auteurs of the Boston-based Dreamchild and have released several recordings. Their website is a visual treat ... I continue to work on making sure the photos on this website are properly credited to Frank and the other photographers who chronicled that period.

Also got a surprise e-mail from
Jack Donahue who I haven’t seen or heard from in well over twenty years. When we knew Jack he was working for Terry Hanley Audio. He did sound for Tracks a couple times and partied with us many, many more times. Jack also worked with the Real Kids, Aerosmith, Kiss, etc., etc.  His tech skills are legendary – so were his drinking habits. Jack has long since cleaned himself up and has done very well. He’s got some truly great stories from those days that he shared with me and helped me recall some of our own exploits I had long forgotten. Thanks for the memories, Jack.

LAST CHANCE TO DANCE … This is the final month that the limited edition Brakes On You! 25th Anniversary CD will be offered through this website so … that's all you're gonna get. Check out details HERE.

"... amphetamine-amped punk gems that evoke a classic era in Boston rock'n'roll. 'Brakes On You!' is a fine, unvarnished document of hopped-up vintage garage punk at its gritty best" Chris Parcellan, D-Filed

Jeff Rey
Update June 4, 2003
Summer’s here and so is the new update … Police Story is the latest chapter of the Lorry Doll history and tells of Tracks’ 1978 Boston show with the Police and how Lorry managed to get that coveted gig with Sting and company … there’s also a few new photos, corrections and clarifications added throughout the History section …Upcoming within the next few weeks will be the posting of NEON’s Summer Issue … A few original NEON contributors are back on board and we’ve been slumming all over the streets of NYC to bring you the latest of what’s happening on the music scene … Plus, from the NEON vaults are more vintage Lorry Doll interviews with the stars and her classic concert photos … more screen shots of the eclectic range of guests Lorry sat down with on NEON TV, too … stay tuned.

Other News and Stuff:
Guitarist Frank Gerace of Dreamchild has issued a 25th Anniversary limited edition CD of the Zoo Types, his late 70s Boston group. The Zoo Types were a truly original band that played their own unique brand of music. “Some Kids Never Grow Up” b/w “Welcome to the Eighties” was released as a single in early 1979 and that recording, as well as alternative cuts, are represented here along with several unreleased songs. Frank worked with original Zoo Types’ drummer/singer Lenny Shea (of the Stompers and several other Boston-based bands) to finish off some of the previously abandoned tracks and the results are outstanding thanks, in no small part, to Frank’s studio prowess. Frank, Lenny and bassist Tas Calo all recorded with Lorry and me at some point or other in our Tracks years, shared a few gigs (and many parties) with us and were all great friends. Frank’s notes on the circumstances involving the original recording of the Zoo Types are hilarious. Frank hints that a Where's Carl? release may also be forthcoming

Michael Olcsvary, a one-time DJ in late 70s Boston, forwarded this recollection after listening to Tracks’ Brakes On You! Anniversary CD:

Got the CD, put it on and a memory came flooding back – I was playing the song one night at WERS when suddenly the studio door slammed open and there stood the Faculty Advisor.  “WHAT is that person SAYING?” she demanded.  “Um, ‘put the brakes on you’.” I responded, ever quick on my feet.  “BEFORE that!”  “You know,” I said, “I’m really not sure.”  Thank god there was no digital remastering (and we had such shitty cart machines) back then.  She left, warning me if it was what she thought it was I’d never be allowed to play it again.  This was around the same time Human Sexual Response did a live show and had to be dissuaded from performing (a) nude and (b) “Buttfuck.” Ah, those were the days.

A lot of people have been asking me “Howya doin?’” and “Whataya doin’?” So … besides maintaining this somewhat unwieldy website and hanging out in some rather questionable NYC establishments gathering dirt for
NEON, I’ve been back in Blue Door Studio mixing down Tracks masters for a full album. It’s now slated for Fall release as a foreign import. There’s live recordings including the memorable farewell Tracks gig in January of 1979. Also, studio recordings we did for Tracks’ unreleased 1978 single and our anticipated 1979 album. Even after Lorry and I moved to NYC, we had every intention of releasing a full Tracks album. That never happened. My goal here is to recreate what that album would have been. So the cuts aren’t based on a retrospective of Tracks years together, but instead on the songs we likely (and in most cases, definitely) would have put on the album. There are some genuine surprises here for followers of Tracks. Since we always aired just recorded live material, no one (with few exceptions) has ever heard what Tracks was like on a studio recording before. I, myself had forgotten what we sounded like when we were ‘under (as opposed to 'out of') control’ in a studio. I’ve also been reviewing tape masters for a future Lorry Doll release that would cover all the bands Lorry led – Tracks, the Wild Ones, the Doll-Reys and the metal-edged Lorry Doll ‘n’ the Wild Ones. This would be a retrospective of Lorry’s career and cover all the “hits”.

Lastly, a big shout-out to
GirlBand.Org for adding a Lorry Doll link.
Update May 5, 2003:
Hi All. Updates for this month include a new History chapter called A Tale of Two Cities which tells about our somewhat complicated relationship with the people and places in New York and Boston while we were shuttling between those cities as Tracks. It also includes a photo spread of the local celebs that showed up at Lorry Doll’s Birthday Bash at The Club in 1978. Plus there’s a new story in the Rat Moments series about our encounter with a “mystery” rock star backstage after one of our shows. Also a few vintage pix have been located and added to some of the earlier History chapters and photo credits added wherever possible. If you haven’t checked out the Spring issue of NEON, what are you waiting for? The new Summer issue of NEON will be up shortly, but all the stuff in the archives section will be updated on a continual basis. Special thanks to all the websites that have linked NEON as well as Don’t forget to visit our LINKS page for all the best that’s out there on the net.

Other News … Not only does Alan Lewis do a great job with the
New England Music Scrapbook website but he also publishes a fact-filled newsletter on a regular basis. It seems to cover just about everything new and old on the music scene. He’s got some great correspondents like Nancy Neon, Miss Lyn and Blowfish (and he’s looking for more). If you’re into any aspect of the New England music scene, you just gotta subscribe (and maybe become a correspondent, too) … Speaking of Miss Lyn and Blowfish, their Boston Groupie News recently got a snazzy new face-lift that’s worth checking out as is the continuous coverage of the Boston scene and vintage stuff from way back when … A final thanks to all the DJs, writers, webmasters and especially the fans who made the Brakes On You! 25th  Anniversary CD so successful … Your support not only in New York and Boston, but around the globe has made a future Lorry Doll release a definite go.
Updates July 17, 2003
With the unintentional help of
Aerosmith, Lorry Doll and Tracks returned to the studio in the fall of 1978 to record their new single “Lovin’ Kiss” … the story is told in the latest History chapter, “Aerosmith Lays Out Some Tracks.”

If you haven’t checked out the Summer issue of
NEON yet, you’re missing all the latest on the NYC punk ‘n roll scene plus encore presentations of Lorry’s NEON interviews with former Runaway Lita Ford, British guitar great Alvin Lee of Ten Years After, and rock producer Ric Browde who was the man behind mega-hits for Poison, Faster Pussycat, Joan Jett and many others. There’s also an expanded NEON archive featuring Lorry’s concert pix, more of her classic interviews, screen shots from NEON TV and much more ... check it out HERE.

Recently heard from
Scott Harris who in 1989 was Lorry Doll ‘n the Wild Ones drummer. Scott went on to play with the Vibes which included two former members of the Throbs, Danny Nordhal (now with Faster Pussycat, also ex-NY Loose) and Roger Ericson (also ex-Smashed Gladys). Scott’s now with angel13 who I hope to check out real soon.
Jeff Rey
TRACKS - 1978
News & Updates August 18, 2003
A recent flooding of the current Blue Door Studio wrecked havoc on the planned mastering schedule for Lorry Doll’s Tracks recordings and several other on-going projects. And while the studio is still in the process of drying out, no irreparable damage was done (other than to junk that should have been tossed anyway) and the potentially disastrous event led to the serendipitous discovery of a cache of photos I had long forgotten about. A whole bunch of candid snapshots from that stockpile profusely illustrate this month’s history chapter titled “Tracks Days Are Numbered” which details the band’s final days in Boston and how Lorry and I escaped to New York.

Al Quint’s been doing the Suburban Voice ‘zine forever. The current 20th Anniversary issue continues to showcase hardcore, punk, garage and related genres with a ton of performance and recording reviews, interviews, resources, lots and lots of photos and much more. It’s an extremely thick volume and the content and artwork of the display ads alone are well worth the three buck admission charge. Oh … and there’s also a very cool review of Tracks’ re-issue EP. In addition, Al Quint hosts the Sonic Overload radio show which is also broadcast and archived on the web (see Links page for details) and has been known to play Tracks. Contact Al at (or at P.O. Box 2746, Lynn, MA 01903-2746).

Speaking of radio … some of the stations listed on the
Links page have changed over to temporary Summer schedules or shifted show times around. Even so, as far as I know all shows listed are still active – click on the station links to get updated info on some truly great listening alternatives.

The Fall 2003 issue of
NEON is just around the corner. In the meanwhile there’s still lots to look at in the Summer 2003 issue including the ‘zine’s history and archives dating back to 1977 and featuring the photos and writing of Lorry Doll.
Jeff Rey
Lorry Doll and Jeff Rey in their Greenwich Village apartment on New Year's Eve 1978 - The move from Boston to New York signaled the end of Tracks and the beginning of the Wild Ones.
News & Updates October 1, 2003
The final chapter in the history of Tracks, Punk ‘N Roll High School,” has been posted and tells the exciting tale of our last gig with the band. An epilogue summing up the Boston years will follow next time. Several new sites have been added to the LINKS page that are well worth checking out. The Fall 2003 issue of NEON has also been published and now resides at Besides all the dirt on the current NYC music scene, it also includes Lorry Doll’s vintage interviews with the classic heavy metal band Deep Purple, alt-country-punk ‘n rollers Jason & the Scorchers and hardcore innovators Prong. Newly posted to the NEON Archives are more of Lorry’s concert shots, including David Bowie, Billy Idol, Aerosmith and Flock of Seagulls. The NEON Archives also covers the history of the ‘zine Lorry and I started in 1977 through photos, interviews and articles.

Since I launched this site almost two years ago, one of its most pleasurable by-products has been hearing not only from Lorry’s fans worldwide, but also from some of the inimitable people Lorry and I had the good fortune to meet along the way. I recently heard from three of our favorites:

Click on highlighted items to link there
It was a real bolt out of the blue when Pseudo Carol dropped a line. As you’ve read in several of the pages on this site, we got to know the colorful and charismatic punk rocker when she was a member of the Rentals in Boston. But when we had all moved to New York our friendship with her increased to a point where Lorry considered Carol one of her closest friends, not a designation Lorry ever made lightly. But then Carol moved from New York and we moved and we unfortunately lost touch. I was happy to hear that Carol and her husband Steve are enjoying raising their young son and daughter in the relative tranquility of New Jersey, though she admits to perhaps still having “some of my edge.” You’ll be reading about and seeing more pix of Pseudo Carol as the history section of this site moves forward to our New York years

One of our favorite bands out of Boston were
the Phantoms (see here and here), and two of our favorite people were Micky Metts and Angelo Aversa who spearheaded that group along with their later incarnations the Organ Dönörs and Diabolix. So I was excited to hear from Micky with the news that a series of limited edition CDs were planned, with the kick-off being a Phantoms 1981 live recording from their notorious Club One. You can get my take on all this in the current issue of NEON, or better yet – go directly to the Phantoms site  ( for the full lowdown including an MP3 sample, vintage pix, flyers and more. Micky and Angelo were far more than just fellow musicians to Lorry and me, and you will be hearing more about some of our exploits together.

The man who recorded and mastered that particular Phantom’s gig and is in the act of digitally restoring many of Micky and Angelo’s other (in some cases severely damaged) original recordings back to their initial punk splendor is
Skreeg Neegis. Back in the day, we knew him simply as Skreeg who always seemed to be offering a helping hand to Tracks when we needed it most. His easygoing manner also made him a most welcomed guest at Blue Door whenever Lorry and I just wanted to disassociate from the band thing and hang out with friends. Skreeg recently regaled me with the recollection of when he accompanied us on one of our first New York shows at Rockbottom and with tales of some of the other Tracks’ happenings at Blue Door and at the Rat. All of which brought back some fine memories. Not only does Skreeg have an unbelievable collection of live tapes of the music from that era, but his website also displays some truly rare band artifacts of those years – including Tracks flyers and flyers Lorry and I created for Where’s Carl? Go to to see ‘em.

That’s all for now, we’ll catch ya next time.
Jeff Rey