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October 3, 2004 New & Updates:
Posted in the
History section is the first in a series called Tales of the Naked City which will be vignettes of some of the punk ‘n roll adventures Lorry and I had when we landed in NYC. That covers an awful lot, but I’ll try to limit it and hit on some of the (hopefully) more interesting notables we met, scenes we were involved in and music we were producing over the two decades we were here together. The initial installment, Sleepless in the City is an overview of what the East Village scene was like when the last of the punk rockers and first of the new wavers were still in their heyday.

There’s also been a redesign as well as changes and additions to the Lorry Doll
Art Gallery. Though computer reproduction can’t begin to display some of their wonderful subtleties and textures, it should enhance viewing of this small selection of the vast number of paintings, drawings, photography and other graphic works Lorry produced over her lifetime. The gallery will be continually updated with more works being added and older ones re-scanned for better resolution.

Along with smaller redesigns throughout this website, there have been significant (and ongoing) changes in the NEON
Archives section. The publication that Lorry and I started in 1977 as a promotional band fanzine in Boston evolved into an international rock scene tabloid and TV show after we moved to NYC and along with our music became a major focus of our attention. The archive section is also linked to its current incarnation and the latest issue of that has been posted as well.

Finally, newly posted in the
Discography section is a Windows Media file of our song “City Off My Mind.”  This version is from a studio recording we did as the Wild Ones in 1987, but it was a song that dates back to our live sets as Tracks in the late 70s and we did different versions of this tune off and on in all the bands we had. Fans of Tracks may be a bit surprised to hear this version. As with previous music samples posted, this won’t be up long (it takes up too much space). So if you want it, left click to listen, right click (and Save Target) to download before it’s gone.

Catch ya next time!
- Jeff Rey

News & Updates July 1, 2004
Added to the Discography section are two Tracks music files. “Brakes On You” is a remix of the original recording from the 1977 single that also differs from the 25th Anniversary release of 2002. “I Don’t Need You” is a raw mixdown from Tracks final show in January of 1979. This one has never been publicly heard before now. Although it was a hot performance, by that final show Lorry and I had moved to NYC and we never released it to radio since we wanted to hype our new band (the Wild Ones) not our old one. Both files are playable as Windows Media by clicking on the indicated cover photos or are downloadable by right clicking and doing a Save As. These samples probably won’t be up long as the space they take up is needed – so grab ‘em if you want ‘em. But other Tracks, Wild Ones and Doll-Reys recordings will be posted on a rotating basis and hopefully video clips from that time, too.

Also new is a bit of a redesign for both the Discography and
Bands sections which should make things easier on the eyes as well as smoother to navigate. Please contact me if you would like to hear any particular songs on the site.

Also don't forget to check out the Summer '04 issue of
NEON with all the latest on the current music scene plus the 'zine's massive archive of Lorry Doll photos and writings.

News & Updates May 24, 2004
Added is the History side-story “The Velvet Underground Connection” inspired by reviewing Joe Harvard’s recently released book The Velvet Underground and Nico for the Summer ’04 issue of NEON. Joe’s excellent book is part of Continuum’s Thirty Three and a Third series that features the stories behind a number of classic and influential albums. It’s a great read. Joe Harvard, of course, is also the webmaster of The Boston Rock Storybook (, both an inspiration for starting this Lorry Doll site and a valuable resource for information in putting it all together. Reading his book revealed to me for the first time the probable reasons behind why critics, DJs and fans had over the years compared all the bands Lorry and I had to the Velvet Underground. A connection I could never really see before now.

There’s a hefty batch of material that’s due to be added to this site, including (now that I have the proper computer and software) samples of songs that span all of Lorry’s bands, plus live performance video. But since all this goes beyond the fairly short spectrum of the Tracks years a new format is probably needed to make it all make sense and easy to navigate. We’re working on it for next time.

News & Updates March 25, 2004
There’s a few more dates added to the new Gigs pages of Tracks shows. These are thanks in part to Screeg Neegis who sent me CDs of some of our shows he had recorded back then, plus he had some fantastic remembrances of the events that had been long forgotten along with the gigs themselves. Some of these stories are noted in the listings.

Also new is a full page of Keith Richards photos that Lorry took for NEON when he did his solo tour with the Expensive Winos in 1991. Keith’s record company had gotten us press passes for the concerts, but this was a big media event and our seats weren’t that great for the show at the huge Meadowlands Arena (they were much better for the subsequent Beacon Theater show in NYC). Lorry also secured a hard to get photo pass for herself and I remember cracking up when I took a look at her through binoculars down in the photo pit in front of the stage. There was little 5’1” Lorry scurrying around, under, over and in between the crunch of rather large photogs from Rolling Stone, Spin, NME, etc. – jockeying for position and dragging a milk crate to get a little more height so she could see above the stage for her shots for NEON. I teased her about it for years afterwards.

News & Updates February 14, 2004
The Posters section of this site has been merged into a new Gigs section that’s starting off as a chronological listing of the shows performed by Lorry Doll and Tracks from 1976 to 1979 plus a listing of other events and dates that were either important to that band specifically or to the Boston music scene of the era. There’s also time line info to give an overview of what was happening around us, footnotes to significant events and links to other sections for more info. All this is illustrated with the Tracks flyers that were in the old section plus some new scans of recently discovered material. I guess this all should have been done when this site was first set up ‘cause it would have been real helpful in writing out the History section. So now we’re faced with the task of going back in there and correcting some of the “facts” that were uncovered pulling the listing together – but it will get done. The listing is still very much a work in progress with quite a few shows still missing as right now some of the details are somewhat vague other than the fact that I know we did ‘em  – so we’re still checking them out. If you have any flyers or info on any Tracks gigs not listed (or listed with partial info) please get in touch with me.

My main inspiration for the Gigs section was the 76-78 show listings posted on the Boston Groupie News site that was invaluable in filling in some of the gaps in my own memory and also helpful in consulting other people and sources. So props go out to Ms. Lyn and Blowfish for continuing to provide a great source of information and entertainment.

More: Added to the History is our flyer for the night we recorded “Brakes On You” at the Club.  There’s also a scan of the back of the flyer with the set list Lorry wrote up that night. Since last time another web issue of NEON has been posted continuing with photos and events on the current music scene, plus the ever-expanding archives of the ‘zine Lorry and I started up in ’77.

News & Updates January 1, 2004
An Epilogue for the Tracks history has been posted, “Through the Past, Darkly.” It features some newly found photos and sums up our time in Boston. One of Lorry’s paintings has been added to the Gallery. It’s a nude that many people thought was a self portrait. Lorry always insisted it wasn’t. It hung for many years in Lorry’s mother’s home and is now in the possession of one of her sisters. I think it’s a great painting and the photo doesn’t begin to do it justice.

In the future I’ll be adding some side stories to the history from those Tracks years, plus maybe some additional photos, flyers and whatnot throughout the chapters. For now, rather than plunging right into our adventures in New York, I want to concentrate on adding Lorry Doll’s artwork to the Gallery section plus more of her concert photos, interviews and writing in the NEON section.

Since the last update another issue of NEON has been posted and features a review of our good friends the Phantoms who have issued an album Wagon Loopy from recordings done in the early 80s. It’s fantastic.