While the New York Doll's "Jetboy" played loudly ("running around New York City somewhere ... like she was my baby .... my pretty, pretty baby") the NEON logo glowed into full brightness. Behind the logo then appeared quick moving images of some of the hardest and hottest bands in rock's history ... followed by scenes of the animated neon lights and activity of Times Square and the visual announcement that NEON was NYC's hard rock magazine. Intercut through-out were black and white images of Lorry Doll - standing on a subway platform, boarding a train, strap-hanging on a jolting journey in synch with the music - and finally emerging from the dark Astor Place subway station into the brightness and color of the Lower East Side - fade to black and then into Lorry "live" in the NEON studio.
T  E  L  E  V  I  S  I  O  N