Dee Snider, one time frontman for Twisted Sister, spoke with Lorry Doll about his latest endeavors  moments before bringing down the house at NYC's Limelight with his band Widowmaker
Steve Hackett, the former Genesis guitarist, stopped by to talk about his work with Queen's Brian May and his own solo recording. The air-conditioning at NEON broke down on that 95+ degree day, but ever the English gentleman, Hackett sipped his JD and remained cool, calm and collected
NEON TV Guests
Joey Ramone dicussed the origins of his famous band and his varied other interests and side projects. Joey did several NEON interviews and was always most comfortable and content when having a conversation on his own couch and in his own apartment
Blind Melon discussed the Bee Girl from "No Rain" and other important matters. The band's debut album went triple platinum, but their full creative potential was never fully realized when the talented Shannon Hoon died of a accidental drug overdose
Fred Coury (Cinderella) and Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) talked about teaming up for their new band Arcade which would eventually prove to be yet another metal glam band buried by the emergeance of the Seattle Sound
Shirley Manson (then of Angelfish, later of Garbage) related the experiences of growing up in Scotland and working with the production team of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of Talking Heads
Screen shots of the NEON intro
All  stills from video by Jeff Rey
Blues Traveler tell Lorry about John Popper's motorcycle mishap and other rock 'n roll road stories just before their sold-old Irving Plaza show. Popper presented Lorry with one of his harmonicas, taken from his flak jacket of assorted instruments and weaponry.
Paw - the alt rockers from Kansas introduce their video "Couldn't Know" from backstage at Roseland. Paw's album, Dragline, also produced the hit "Jesse," as well.
The Poor gave NEON viewers a big Oii! to introduce their video for "More Wine Waiter Please." We shot this interview at their hotel room. As should have been expected with Australian rockers, this turned into more of a drinking party. Does this screen shot look out of focus?
TAD - the Heavy Metalists (and we do mean heavy) from Seattle get a little crazy when the camera starts rolling backstage. TAD's album featured the Headbanger's Ball hit "Greasebox."
Legs McNeil talks about starting up PUNK magazine with John Holmstrom and what it was like in the days when the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads and all the others were street-level club bands. Of late, Legs has been seen as a music "expert" on VH1.
MORE screen shots coming soon - stay tuned to this station!
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