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Lorry Doll:  I really enjoyed the show at the Ritz. Kick ass rock 'n' roll. It's like Get Ready, I'm here. This is it. It's rock 'n' roll!
Steve Jones: Yeah. It was fun. New York audiences are really funny. They don't show appreciation. They're too busy being cool. Otherwise I'd be worried. I thought we played great.

You opened with "Fire & Gasoline," that's a cool song. Your white Les Paul sounded good. Just that and the Marhsall.
That's one of the requirements for being in this band is to have a Les Paul. Not one of those Japanese things.

When I got your record and put it on and the singing started, I said. . .
This is Rock 'n' Roll!

I don't like music that much. A lot of these groups. . . it's boring.

Sure you do, you fake it real good on stage if you don't like it!
I love playing my own music. A lot of stuff, I'd rather listen to my own music. I find myself listening to Fifties music at home.

Been doing interviews all day?
Yeah, at three I'm doing MTV
Headbangers Ball as a guest VJ. Get to introduce all my favorite videos - that have been written out for me already.

Any favorite bands on Headbangers Ball?
Well, I watch it when I can but I'm usually out getting laid on Saturday night. But if I get rid of the chick early enough I get home and watch MTV.

Well, as part of promoting the album you have to go out and meet all these strangers and do interviews and stuff.
You get used to it. I just like writing songs, recording and playing. I'm not particularly fond of doing anything else that goes with it.

Well, the big pay-off is that hour on stage doing the show, right?
Oh yeah, you'd get bored of it going around talking to people that you didn't know, wouldn't you?

I get to hear and talk to people. I met Alvin Lee. . .
I like their new album (Ten Years After). I'm glad they got back together. I went to
the Cat Club last night. This one guy was tearing my ear off. I find it hard to be rude to people. He went on for twenty minutes, I'd had a long day and ... you know blah, blah, blah. . .

I thought that was a great title for an album, Iggy Pop's Blah, Blah, Blah.
I liked the new one better.

Cold Metal.
Yeah, the one I played on.

You're in the video. They played it just before you went on (at the Ritz show)...
It was just a drag that they used a drum machine on that one. The demo we did was a lot better than that.  It was on eight track, didn't have a lot of nonsense on it. . . the Bowie touch.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out where Iggy Pop leaves off and David Bowie begins.
Well, Iggy definitely listens to what Bowie says. He goes along with it. I think 'cause he's gettin' older and he doesn't know which way to swing. I know that he likes the harder edged stuff, but he's got a real hang-up about gettin' old. He thinks that if he does the more mellow stuff he'll be accepted.
Blah, Blah, Blah did sell more records then Instinct, but that's maybe 'cause Bowie had something to do with it. But who knows, I don't care, I just worry about me own records.



Photo - Lorry Doll
"I didn't think the Sex Pistols was a Punk band. I just thought I was playing
Rock 'n' Roll."
In 1989 former Sex Pistol guitarist Steve Jones was becoming very active again. He had moved to Los Angeles, finished up an album with the grandfather of punk, Iggy Pop (Cold Metal), and released his own hard rocking, very punk oriented album - Fire And Gasoline. NEON caught up with Jones at MCA Records a day after he played at the Ritz in New York City. There was a large array of refreshments laid out on a Grand piano in the very comfortable reception room, but Jones was tired and surly from talking to press all day - that is, until he encountered NEON's first lady of charm & grace (and acid tongue) - Lorry Doll.
As someone who pioneered Punk Rock, do you see any similarities today between metal bands and that kind of raw energy that's pretty prevalent in rock today?
I don't know, to me the Sex Pistols was just a rock 'n' roll band. Punk came about by some dick who wrote for a magazine.

I mean like the three chord stuff.
There's more of a market for thrashy stuff. I'm not Heavy Metal. I don't like being labeled anything. I didn't think the Sex Pistols was a Punk band. I just thought I was playing rock 'n' roll. I'd only been playing guitar three months before we did our first gig and Johnny's wonderful voice, I guess it sounded a bit different.To me it was rock 'n' roll and people just hated it. Like Elvis Presley when he first came about everyone called it nigger music and hated it. 'Cause he was fuckin' fresh and he had a great vibe and a lot of attitude. And that's how the Sex Pistols was, it wasn't Punk it was Rock 'n' Roll. What I'm doin' is rock 'n' roll. It's not the same chemistry as the Sex Pistols. It's just me and not four guys who happened to get together like the Sex Pistols did. It was meant to be, the Sex Pistols, whether it was me or someone else, it was gonna happen sooner or later. I was glad to be in a band. I didn't start playing 'til I was nineteen.

The main thing about your album is that the attitude is really positive.
That's 'cause I'm straight now. I'm not a dick anymore. Not when you get all messed up. You get self-possessed and all that stuff.

Some people have a mean streak in them so that when they get drunk they get nasty.
I was never nasty. Anyway, I was just a bit of a prick. Not anymore, I'm a good boy.

People fall into two basic categories, they're either an asshole or they ain't (eyes Jones with suspicion - Ed.).
Well, I've seen a lot of shit. There's no reason for me to be hoity-toity. Seen a lot of shit. There's no reason for me to be all hoity-toity like some of these young bands.



Your singing style is not like some choirboy up there.
Yeah, they're not MEN. I guess the young girls like that stuff. Skid Row, I like them, they're good. In fact, they've just done a version of "Holiday In The Sun." I haven't heard it yet. More people should cover Sex Pistols songs. I could see some money. 'Cause I sure ain't seen any before with the Sex Pistols.

Do you feel bitter about that?
Only when I think about it. I do all right by myself. I'll survive. I think that a lot of people that are born rich don't know what life is all about and they commit suicide. They got nothing to live for. They got no survival instinct. People who are poor they want to get ahead. They have it in their head . . . "I'd like to have a house", or this or that and that's what keeps 'em going. You don't see many bums committing suicide, do you?

How did you come by Axl (Rose) to sing on "I Did U No Wrong"?
I just went up to him in this place called
The Bordello, it' a club in Los Angeles, and asked him if he'd want to sing on my record He said, "Alright." He was one of these guys who would always come up and twist my ear.

Like all boozy and smoking a cigarette . . .
Not so much boozy. I seen him lots of times and I never seen him once fucked up, where I'd seen Slash and the drummer, they get down a bit. I thought maybe I'd ask him and have him do me a favor after bending my ear for fuckin' ten hours. Maybe help sell some records. It was fun in the studio. He was cool, I like him. He'd come over to my house and get me motivated to write lyrics. I'm basically pretty lazy, but he got me in gear. Got me motivated. He'd come down and do backing vocals and play tambourine and stuff. He's a genuine guy. Billy Duffy played a solo on that song "Get Ready."


Fire And Gasoline
Are you happy with the record?
I did the best I could for the time. I'm never happy.  Especially when you've finished it and you listen back to it a few months later and you think, I could have done this or that. I look forward to doing another one. More of a harder one.

So you're basically a Californian now?
Yeah, I've been there for eight years now. I love it there.

Don't get too lazy out there?
I don't care.

Ah, fit right in, eh?
It's not as laid back as people think. So many people have moved there it's like constant traffic everywhere. So with a motorcycle you can just zip through traffic. It's got everything there. I like my bike. I'm not into anything else, the clubs or gangs or all the trends. It's really trendy to have a motorcycle. I've had my bike since I moved there. I like riding it.



Steve Jones
The Ritz, NYC - 1989
Photo- Lorry Doll
The Sex Pistols  - "God Save the Queen"
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