Steve Whiteman ... Lorry met up with the frontman for Kix at the Scrap Bar in the West Village when Atlantic Records threw an album release party for Blow My Fuse. At the time, the Scrap Bar was the after hours hang-out of Johnny Thunders, Handsome Dick Manitoba and the hardest of New York's rockers. So it was the perfect setting for a night of rowdy debauchery.
Ric Browde (middle) ... He produced mega hits for Poison, Faster Pussycat, Joan Jett, Ted Nugent, etc. After his Neon interview with Lorry they sauntered over to the heavy metal hangout Cat Club where they ran into Princess Pang drummer Brian Keats (right).
Kings of the Sun ... The Australian rockers invited Neon to Electric Ladyland Studio on West 8th Street to hear the final mixdown of their second RCA album Full Frontal Attack. To make sure the boys felt right at home, Lorry arrived with a dozen or so Foster Lagers which they certainly did enjoy. It's said that the ghost of Jimi Hendrix haunts the studio (which he once owned), but he failed to put in an appearance that day.
Steve Whiteman ... This time Lorry met up with the Kix singer at the tony Chinese restaurant Dish of Salt. Their album Blow My Fuse had done well with "Don't Close Your Eyes" racing up the Billboard charts, so Atlantic Records threw a dinner and party to present the band with their gold records (the album eventually went platinum). There were far too many uptight record company executives in attendance at the posh bistro, but between Steve, Lorry, the staff of Neon and members of some of the harder bands on Atlantic's roster, a wild time was had by all.
All photos: Jeff Rey

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