Dee Snyder ... Everybody's favorite Twisted Sister met up with Lorry at a management party to promote his new solo album. But this hyper-talented rocker really didn't need to hype himself. Dee got along fabulously with Lorry and he did multiple interviews for both the magazine and TV versions of NEON.
Billy Gibbons ... The after-show party at the Madison Square Garden lounge immediately following ZZ Top's sold out performance. A real cordial Texan, Billy managed to have a friendly chat with each of the many well-wishers who congratulated him on a great show.
Metallica ... Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield dropped by the same Madison Square Garden party after Metallica's own sold out show at the New Jersey Meadowlands. Lorry and Jeff bumped into them at the bar as they were trying to watch the Yankee game and they all got a little tipsy. To the point that Lars let any V.I.P. that would listen know that, "NEON Rules!!!"
Malcolm Forbes ... The late extravagant publishing magnate, Liz Taylor escort and all around rich guy. He used to pull up to the heavy metal haven Cat Club with his motorcycle 'gang' The Capitalist Tools. Lorry got a one of a kind interview discussing Harleys, rock 'n roll, publishing and his philosophy on life. By the way, that Renoir on the wall of his Forbes Magazine office wasn't a reproduction.
Photo: Phin Dali
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Photos: Jeff Rey
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