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Tracks...the Wild Ones
Boston Area - Many stations also broadcast on the internet and/or archive past shows.

WMBR (88.1 FM)
Late Risers Club - Weekdays 10:00 am to Noon - Still going strong after 25 years with alternating hosts: Tim Kelly, Jonathan M. Gladstone, Ross Scott, Joanie Lindstrom, Young Ben and Peter Choyce.  WMBR also has some great other shows (like Breakfast of Champions with Anne Slinn) so click on their link for the main WMBR site, too.

WMFO (91.5 FM)
Coffee 'n' Smokes - Saturdays 6 to 10 am - As host Alex Piandes says, his show features "new & vintage garage/punk, surf, psychedelic, rockabilly, pop obscurities...and a little bit o' greasy R & B here 'n' there where it fits!"

WHRB (95.3 FM)
Our Little Rendez-vous - Tuesdays 10:00 pm to Midnight - Dinos Mekios hosts a great show with a very cool mix of very hot bands.

Allston-Brighton Free Radio (1670 AM)
Sonic Overload - Monday 8 to 10 pm - Al Quint (who’s published Suburban Voice for over twenty years) spins punk, hardcore, garage rock and other wonderfully loud and spirited music.

WDOA (Internet Radio)
Life in the Foodchain - Free-form Internet radio with Mike Malone playing the best of independent labels and artists.

WERS (88.9 FM)
The Left End - Saturday/Sunday 8 to 11 pm - A variety of DJs focus on all phases of independent rock with live performances being a staple of the show.

WZBC (90.3 FM)
Grace Does Girls - Tuesdays 3-5 pm - Like the show’s title says, Grace plays the best in underground and independent girl rock including punk, folk, hip-hop, electronic, etc., etc.

WCUW (91.3 FM)
Rockin' Revolution - Wednesday 9:30 to 11:00 pm - Captain PJ showcases local bands, new stuff, punk, heavy; a wide variety of rock from the 60's to today, Also interviews, with an occasional live performance. The Captain also co-hosts the Thursday Nite Rock ‘n Roll Rumble.

BOSTON - Early Punk (and more):

Blowfish - Paul "Blowfish" Lovell was one of the original Boston 70s scensters as a punk comedian, musician, DJ, photographer and the "money man" and a creative force behind the Boston Groupie News.

Boston Groupie News - There from almost the start of Boston's mid-70s punk/new wave scene this fanzine, started up by Miss Lyn, never pulled any punches or served up puff pieces. This site is always adding cool stuff so look forward to more debauchery and decadence from this 'zine.

Boston Rock Storybook - A comprehensive look at the Boston music scene including the mid-70's days of Tracks. Lots and lots of pix, band bios and other interesting stuff brought to you by Joe Harvard.

Dirty Water - The Boston Rock & Roll Museum - Chuck White's archive of just about every band that came out of Boston, plus lot's more.

Downbeat 5 - JJ Rassler is the raunch & roll guitar slinger that kick-started DMZ in the 70's, then continued to kick out the jams in the 80's and 90's with the Odds, the Queers and other notables. For the past few years this icon of Boston's original punk scene has been teamed with Mrs. JJ, Jen, in the Downbeat 5.

New England Music Scrapbook - Alan Lewis' heavily researched site that ... "includes profiles, articles, and reviews of music acts - past and present - that are based in New England, got their start here, or are otherwise connected with this area".

The Phantoms - The truly original 70s/80s Boston punk band of Micky Metts and Angelo “Vice” Aversa who would later start up the hardcore punk Organ Dönörs and the punk metal Diabolix. The Phantoms never played it safe and if they had any aspirations of being pop stars it was purely a part of their very tongue in cheek act. They've started releasing limited edition CD reissues and you can hear a sample on their site, read their history and also take a look at band memorabilia. - Skreeg Neegis is digitally restoring and mastering the Phantoms reissues, owns a vast collection of bootlegs he taped as a 70s/80s Boston scenester and has a wonderful display of artifacts from bands of that era up on his website.

Tracks...the Wild Ones
NEW YORK CITY (and elswhere) - Rock'n'Punk'n'Metal:

Roberta Bayley - In the early days, she used to work at the door of CBGB and dated Richard Hell, then she bought a camera. It was her photo on the cover of the first Ramones album that introduced the rest of the world to punk and her unique talent of catching its true spirit. From candids to studio shots, her photos serve as the definitive visual history of the era. Plus she’s a pretty cool person.

Kerri Black - The woman behind KerriBlack Promotions whose penchant for creating the buzz that makes 'em buzz bands (the Strokes, Longwave, Wheatus, stellastarr*, etc.) is something of a legend on the indy music scene. Of late, Kerri's been the promoter behind the cooolest shows all over the city. Get the deal on what is and who is happening on her site.

CBGB - The house that punk built. Although Joey Ramone once told us that owner Hilly Kristal pretty much slept through the whole thing, his history of those first days of punk is fascinating. Punk rocks’ first venue is still going strong.

Bob Gruen - He's shot just about everyone that matters in the history of rock & roll, but his portfolio of punk photos (the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Clash, Blondie, Television, etc.) presents poignant icons of the genre.

Max's Kansas City - The club on Park Avenue South is long gone, along with the New York Dolls and Andy Warhol's entourage, but its spirit can still be called up through this site

NEON - Since '77, it's featured the best and baddest of punk, new wave, no wave, alternative, metal, speed and all things punk 'n roll - now a webzine its focus is on the contemporary NYC music scene and the site maintains a vast archive of previous interviews, articles and photos.

Ramones - What needs to be said?  Also includes links to individual Ramones sites (Joey, Dee Dee, etc.), the Dictators and other cool NYC stuff.

Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge - Johnny got it from Keith and Keith got it from Chuck. And there wasn't a single punk guitarist that didn’t get some of it from Johnny. With links to New York Dolls sites.

New York City - Many stations also broadcast on the internet and/or archive past shows.

WFMU (91.1 FM)
The Cherry Blossom Clinic - Saturday afternoons
Terre T is the high-energy hostess who brings you punk (vintage + obscuro), pop (kissyface + weird), psych, glam, garage, mod, acid, krautrock, hiphop, artdamage, sXe, bent-edge, DIY, indie, packs of fresh new releases and live bands -- all part of the Friday afternoon rock-out scene! Plus rants, gushes, tickets giveaway, and gigorama! What's with Terre? A very cool show.

Three Chord Monte - Thursday 3-6 pm
Joe Belock spins an eclectic mix of the old, the new and the eternally strange - and all of it has the big beat.

WNYU (89.1 FM)
The New Afternoon Show - Weekdays 4-7:30 pm Rob Hatch-Miller produces and is one of the hosts of a show that features some of the best “unknown” music around.

WSIA (88.9)
Out on Staten Island WSAI has two punk ‘n roll shows - one hosted by
Lacey Axelrod, the other by Maggie Mae - both are great


D-Filed - A webzine of rock 'n roll, film and pop culture. Lots and lots of interviews with rockers, writers and whoever's on the cutting edge of cool. Plus reviews and much more.

h - A wide variety of compilation CDs bootlegged from rare cuts of famous, near famous and obscure bands. All of it produced with the careful respect of a true affectionado. Tracks appears on H2D#12.

Punkettes - Women In UK Punk 1976-197
An offshoot of this is the first site with any substance found on women in punk. Emphasis on UK punk, but also some great stuff on Patty Smith, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, etc. and the overall history of woman in rock.

Punk Information Directory - Like the name implies, P.I.D. has lists of everything punk, plus commentary and reviews.