Lorry Doll 'n' the Wild Ones -1991
Brad Allen (bass), Jeff Rey, Lorry Doll, Frank Neal (drums), 
There was an intensity and excitement to the new metal movement that Doll and Rey hadnít witnessed since the 70s punk scene in Boston and New York. With little adjustment, their music fit right into what was basically three chord, blues based, kick-ass rock  with an edge.
Lorry Doll leading the Wild Ones at the mecca of the New York metal scene - the Cat Club 1991
The era produced two Wild Ones singles (see Discography section), heavy college airplay and arguably the strongest music to ever come out of the Doll/Rey combo. NEON Magazine led to the Lorry Doll hosted NEON TV (with over a million cable subscribers). But, in the end (some five or six years later), with the ever-growing commercial success of grunge and hip-hop, the music industry tossed off the New York metal scene like the bastard child it was. If they had to have metal in their catalogs, they preferred to promote the tarted up, watered down West Coast versions to some truly innovative NYC bands.
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