While Lorry and Jeff Rey were playing with hard-drinking, partying rock ‘n’ punk bands doing any gig that looked like fun, something significant was happening in the New York clubs. Tommy Gunn was hosting Metal Nights at Don Hill’s Cat Club on 13th Street, while the infamous Limelight disco was producing Metal Church Sundays. Some of the smaller East Village clubs like the Lizmar Lounge and Pyramid were also beginning to attract long-haired, tattooed, biker-jacketed headbangers who jammed into these venues to witness the likes of Smashed Gladys, Princess Pang, Circus of Power and the Throbs – all of whom, unlike the majority of their West Coast counterparts, seemed to be more inspired by Iggy Pop and the New York Dolls than by Ozzy and Motley Crue. And the major labels were taking notice. All these bands and others inked recording contracts within the year.
Wild Ones '88
Lorry Doll, Jeff Rey,Todd Schroonmacher (drums), Steve Harlow,(bass)
With little adjustment, the Wild Ones fit right into what was basically three chord, blues based, kick-ass rock with an edge. Eliminating the mercenaries who wanted to be in big hair bands, they auditioned rhythm sections that would be powerful enough to drive the new songs that had begun pouring out again. During initial rehearsals, Lorry also started up a revamped version of NEON Magazine to chronicle this new music scene. Sold at record stores and to subscribers, the fanzine was offered free at the metal clubs. Providing free publicity and scene support endeared club owners and promoters to the Wild Ones who were almost immediately offered the most coveted gigs in the city.
And … they weren't about to waste the opportunity.

The lineup for the first Limelight show in 1989 (see Discography)
Jeff Rey, Scott Harris, Lorry Doll, Steve Harlow
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