Lorry Doll snarled at convention, strapped on a Stratocaster and founded the legendary Boston-based punk band Tracks in the mid-seventies. She then returned to her native New York to lead her Wild Ones through three tumultuous decades of raw punk 'n roll. Throughout that time, Lorry also published NEON Magazine and hosted the TV show of the same name, interviewing the era's most influencial musicians and personalities.

rom the artist's loft in 70's Boston to backstage at Madison Square Garden in the 90's, the official biography & history of Lorry Doll and her endeavors as told by bandmate & cohort Jeff Rey.

HISTORY (Click on Chapter Number)

Book I - Boston (Tracks)

1.   Boston, in the beginning…

2.   Inspiration and a start

3.   Electric Baptism

4.   Like the Phoenix (& the Real Paper) – TRACKS is Reborn

5.   TRACKS meet the Boston Strangler

6.   Call the Cops

7.   Night of the Rat

8. Putting the Brakes On

9. Bass Players, Bad Attitudes & Bikers

10. Jammin' with Jimmy

11. The Red Sox, The Radio and Irrational Behavior

12. Saturday Night Auto Wreck (Puts the Brakes on Tracks)

13. Wild Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye

14. Bomping to the Beat of a Different Drummer

15. A Tale of Two Cities

16. Police Story

17. Aerosmith Lays Out Some Tracks

18. Tracks Days Are Numbered

19. Punk 'N Roll High School

20. Through the Past, Darkly - An Epilogue

Book II - The Naked City (The Wild Ones)

1.    Sleepless in the CIty  NEW!

Side Stories

1.   The Kids, the Cadillac and the Rolling Stones

2.   Name Games

3.   Have Merci, Have Merci, BB

4.   Rat Moments #1

5.   The Blizzard of '78

6.   Rat Moments #2 - Time Ain't On My Side

7.   Got Dem Ole CBGBs

8.    Rat Moments #3 - Kiss Off!

9.   Velvet Underground Connection
Tracks...the Wild Ones