So all told Tracks existed as a band for less than three years. It seemed like a lifetime. I guess it was. The thrill was gone by the time we bolted for New York, but the Boston music scene had been exciting the entire time we had Tracks. It was all new then and I guess the band really existed in our heads back when Lorry and I were writing songs and jamming for the several years before Tracks premiered in 1976. Anyway, although we always had our sights on the future, I guess Tracks and the Boston experience was basically the primer that guided the twenty years in music we had thereafter. I know Lorry was vehemently proud of her punk roots in Boston and would let any budding “punk” rocker know that she had “been there, done that.” Although we kept on and off contact with some of the people on the Boston scene (and wrote about them in NEON), we never really looked back on our Tracks days much. There was just too much going on in the present. It took the passing of Lorry and starting this website for me to really reflect on what happened back then. Listening to those old recordings, remembering the people, the sounds, sights, smells and especially the feel of that electrically charged scene brought it all back and has been a jolting and emotional experience.

There were a bunch of people, besides Lorry and me, that made Tracks Tracks. Here they are:

George Maloof, bass (1976, lots of rehearsals and the first Tracks show only)
Chuck “Angel” Myra, drums (1976, lots of rehearsals and the first Tracks show only)

Paul “Kidd” Kross
, bass (1976-1977)
“Wild Johnny” Lewis, drums (1976-1978)

John Shriver, bass (1977-1979)
Pat O’Neill, drums (1978-1979)
Bryan “Brat” Hamel (1978-1979)

There were also several people that did at least one gig (or recording) with Tracks:

Peter Vallis, keys (a few gigs in 1977)
Frank Gerace (Zoo Types) - sometime guest guitarist, recordings and spiritual inspiration
Johnny “Angel” Carmen (the Thrills), bass – one gig in 1977
Gary Cook, drums (the Infliktors) – one gig in 1977
Tommy Taylor, drums (Unnatural Axe) – a gig or two in 1978
Tas Calo, bass (Zoo Types) – some recording and jamming with Tracks
Lenny Shea, drums (the Stompers, Zoo Types) – some recording and jamming with Tracks
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Lorry Doll
Jeff Rey
Chuck Myra
Kidd Kross
Wild Johnny
John Shriver
Pat O'Neill
Bryan Brat
jeff rey's
Chapter 20.  Through the Past, Darkly - An Epilogue
Tracks...the Wild Ones
So that January 1979 show at Arlington marked the very last appearance of Tracks. Lorry and I would return to Boston a couple more times with our new band the Wild Ones. I remember that within a year or less, we played at one of the local colleges with the Phantoms and also did a show at their (Micky and Angelo’s) Club 1 on Hano Street.  We returned for our only gig at the Rat on December 11, 1987 as Lorry Doll 'n' the Wild Ones. It was a pretty well-hyped event (hosted by Oepipus) because a couple of our band’s singles were getting airplay in Boston then (both this group and our spin-off band the Doll-Reys were active during this period and were kind of inter-changeable.) We were playing with an all-female rhythm section at that time so I was the only guy in the band. Strange. KJ was on bass and Chip English (later of the Tomboys and the Lunachicks) on drums. Frank Gerace (former Zoo Type, presently in Dreamchild) came up and played guitar on “Brakes On You” and a couple other songs. It was fun to play the Rat again and see a bunch of the old faces. But not fun enough to want to come back again. Lorry and I were extremely keyed into New York by then, our bands didn’t like to travel and it really didn’t make much sense to make the long and expensive trek for the money involved when there were so many gigs to be had back in the city.
The Faces of Tracks

Jeff Rey and Lorry Doll - Tracks 1978
Tracks 1977