The Doll-Reys were really several bands. Initially formed as a Lorry Doll/Jeff Rey spin-off of the Wild Ones in 1983 to explore electronic, synthesized and experimental music, they were basically a recording unit that - still armed with electric guitars -  sometimes performed as a duo with pre-recorded sounds and rhythms. This new music attracted a more artsy following but they kept their Wild Ones fans by retaining their driving rhythms and an ever present dark and dangerous edge.
Adding drummer Chip English (Pookie, Tomboys, Lunachicks) and a succession of bass players, they evolved into more of a new wave band with a very upfront punk soul.  Their 1984 single “White Pumps Are Go” was a danceable rocker that evoked images of a cigarette smoking, whiskey drinking version of the Go Gos backed by the Ramones. The record scored lots of college radio airplay, particularly at WNYU where Lorry Doll was a frequent on-air guest.
Quickly the pop elements slipped away until the Doll-Reys were essentially back to being the hard-edged Wild Ones. The 1984 X-Mas EP featured the straight-ahead stripped-down rockers “Rock ‘N’ Roll For Christmas” and “Hotter Than Hell” as indicators of what was coming. The Wild Ones officially reformed in 1986.
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