Club EP (limited DJ issue)

Dancin’ In The Bedroom / Come Again Girl / Media Rage / City Off My Mind
2-Tough Records (T7058) - 1987
Lorry Doll, vocals, guitar; Jeff Rey, guitar, backing vocals;
Gary Arnold, guitar, bass; Donald Moto, drums, lead vocals on Media Rage;
Jimi Blitz, bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Jeff Rey's notes: This is a super slick recording made for play in the rock dance clubs that were popping up all over New York (Danceteria, Peppermint Lounge, Privates) and Long Island (Spit, Reds, etc.). Basically Lorry and I relinquished our usual Supreme Control over this project in return for recording at Gary Arnold’s state of the art studio. Considering the many hours of over-indulgence and self-abuse involved, this came out pretty good. Almost the entire session was video documented. Scary. "City Off My Mind" went back to our Tracks days - a song that was a continuous and evolutionary work in progress with new lyrics added every few years to keep it current. R.I.P. Jimbo.

Selected other recordings: 
Mercer Street Session - 1980
Lorry Doll, vocals, guitar; Jeff Rey, guitar; Dave Clark, bass; Donald Moto, drums

A rehearsal session recorded off the board at Mercer Street Studio in the summer
of 1980, but it’s significant for several reasons. It marks one of the very first
times we got together with Dave and Don who (on and off) would be collectively
or individually a part of the Wild Ones for the following 10 years or so. Here,
they’re learning the songs as we go along. We’re doing some old tunes like
"Brakes On You" and "Lovin’ Kiss," so this is still basically the New York City
version of Tracks. A new song, Lorry’s "Afire," was inspired by Joe Perry’s solo
project and showcases that her guitar was truly much more than just a lead
singer’s prop. Since the rhythm section sounded so strong on this recording, a
short time later we thought about cutting a single from it. Lorry added some
lead vocal overdubs, but it then sounded a bit too clean so we junked the idea.
Just recently, Dave Clark gave me his digital remastering of the session. It now
sounds as if it could have been done in a 24-track studio but still maintains the
freshness of live performance. Amazing.
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