Tracks...the Wild Ones
25th Anniversary CD
When I started up this site a year ago, I started listening to some of the original Tracks recordings, along with those of the Doll-Reys and the Wild Ones. I hadn’t heard those Tracks masters in twenty years or so and it was obvious that some of the tapes were deteriorating significantly. So I had begun copying them for preservation when I heard the Hyped2Death series that was digitally re-mastered from original punk 45s. The bootleg Chuck sent me with “Bombs Away” on it sounded dynamically superior to the original pressing and almost as good as the master. I was inspired and immediately upgraded my studio. So, all along I’m thinking I should probably do something for the 25th anniversary of the “Brakes On You” release date. I had real mixed feelings about putting something out there again but felt I should, especially since people started writing in asking me for more Lorry Doll (and in particular, Tracks) material.

Well, I locked myself in Blue Door Studio with my able assistants, John Daniels and the NYCKs, summoned the spirits that be and came up with a mix of five tracks to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Brakes On You”. Gone is the original engineer’s attempt to smooth out Tracks' sound from that night at the Club in Cambridge. “Brakes On You” and “Bombs Away” now have their original intros and outros restored as well. The three others: “Hotel Room,” “Gang War Rumble” and “Yes I Do” (three staples of a typical Tracks set) have never been publicly heard before and to my ears and memory are an eerily close approximation of what Lorry Doll and Tracks sounded like live in 1977. We were never a slick band and this is pretty loose stuff, but I think we captured the punk spirit of the times as well as anyone.

The original recording has been digitally re-mastered to CD-R, but the source is an analog magnetic tape recording that is twenty-five years old and was far from state of the art in the day. Since I elected to stay with the reality of the original sound, you might hear some hiss, minor drop-outs and other irregularities associated with the recording technology of the time and with the deterioration of age. Yet, the raw and raucous power of an energized Lorry Doll fronting a full tilt punk ‘n roll band comes banging through. At the time of the original release of “Brakes On You” the Boston Phoenix’s James Isaacs likened Tracks to “(the) Exorcist demon backed by a churning rock ‘n roll band.” That apt description is pretty much what we have here.

Lorry and I always approached each musical release we did more as a unique art piece than as a commercial venture, and that tradition continues here with a signed limited edition release. And in the tradition of punk, this is still very much a hand-made, D.I.Y. project. So don’t expect smooth graphics or production values, just a very hot performance.

- Jeff Rey

NOTE: "Brakes On You!" is duplicated on high-quaility audio CD-R. CD-R discs may not play (or play improperly) on older or lo-tech CD players. LET THE BUYER BEWARE.

The “Brakes On You!” 25th Anniversary CD is being produced in a limited run of 100. 50 of these are available for purchase. They are presented in four editions of 25 each:

Collector/DealerScum/EBay Junkie Edition
25 copies numbered 1/100 to 25/100 – with CD hand numbered and signed by Jeff Rey. This edition includes the 25th Anniversary “Brakes On You!” CD-R plus an
original copy of the “Brakes On You” single recently pulled from an unopened carton that came directly from the GRT pressing plant in Nashville 25 years ago. Includes picture sleeve reproduced from the original artwork. Price: $25.00 each NO LONGER AVAILABLE

25th Anniversary Edition “Brakes On You!” CD
25 copies numbered 26/100 to 50/100 – with CD-R hand numbered and signed by Jeff Rey. Price $10.00 each

Promotional Edition CD
25 copies with printed numbering 051 to 075 and the designation “Promo Copy”. Not for sale.

Personal Edition CD
25 copies with printed numbering 076 to 100 with no marked designation. Not for sale.

While alternative mixes of recorded selections may be used on other releases, no additional copies of the “Brakes On You!” 25th Anniversary CD will ever be produced.

Prices include shipping and handling. Insurance available at additional fee. U.S.A. orders only, please.